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SuperGoldUSAWe are a family-owned business operating from the same location since 1980. Due to bulk requirements, most people are not able to deal directly with the refinery. Because of our size, we are able to deal directly. 

That is why we can pay you top dollar for your gold and platinum.

With prices for just about everything on the rise, everyone is searching for ways to make better use of their resources.

SuperGoldUSAGold, gems, and other precious metals that you might have in your home could be an untapped resource. Super Gold USA offers a way to turn that old, unused or scrap gold into cash! The condition is immaterial. Old gold that cannot be restored to its former glory is ideal and the gold can be recovered. Also, using our services eliminates the middle man and possible embarrassment of going into your local pawn shop. Not to mention that most pawn shops have no idea how to valuate precious metals. 

With gold trading at a near record high, it just makes good economic sense to take advantage of Super Gold USA’s easy-to-use method for selling old gold and other precious metals


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